Standard Cupcakes

Standard cupcakes are $3.25 + each with a minimum order of 1 dozen. One flavor per dozen.

Three dozen minimum for 3 assorted flavors.

(Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Funfetti)

(Special flavors: Strawberry lemonade, Coconut, Nutella, Lemon Lavender, Carrot cake, Red Velvet)

Dozen Cupcakes   $39.00 +

Gluten Free 1 dozen Cupcakes $45.00 +

Gluten Free cupcakes are available in Chocolate and vanilla. 

Mini Cupcakes $40 per 2 dozen
Available by special order only and 48 hours advance notice in quantities of two dozen minimum per flavor.

*(Handmade Fondant decorations or seasonal fruits will cost extra) *


6-inch Cakes $85+ This is a 3 layers and serves about 10

8-inch Cakes- $95+ This is 3 layers and serves about 20-24

10-inch Cakes- $150+

This cake has 3 layers and serves 30-38

Large cakes as Cupcake

These cakes start at $65 and increases depending on the design.

Cupcake pull apart cake

Prices vary and based on design

15 cupcakes for $75+

24 cupcakes for $85+

30 cupcakes for $130+

(Please note that all rush orders less than a week prior to delivery date will have an additional fee $30-$50)

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